Blogging again, smelling the roses

July 16, 2013

Well – I’ve decided to return to blogging.

I have come to a realisation that as much as I try to tell myself that I should cut back on social media ‘stuff’, I actually enjoy being a part of the online world!

I seem to spend quite a few hours a week reading Facebook posts (and the like) by other solo guitarists, so I think it’s time to start sharing my thoughts, when I have the time.


Funny, when I returned to Music Study last year, I thought would be practicing even MORE than I currently was. Not so. I have actually experienced a drop in weekly time spent honing my skills on the guitar. Maybe it’s all that extra time I have been spending per week on the ‘other’ study material, Theory being the main one. 

It’s been a constant battle to find the time to squeeze in the time to play, work on scales, arpeggios etc., the usual stuff. (I’m doing a Diploma Of Music at TAFE, and a fair chunk of the course is jazz related). Sometimes I wonder if I have still have the same drive as I used to, you know, to practice hard! In some areas, I’ve had to own up to it; no I don’t. I guess I’ve had to be honest with myself; do I want to master the guitar? No. I read a great interview with Earl Klugh recently, where, when asked about sight-reading (and did he work on it? etc), he said “ah, I remain perpetually rusty at it”. Rusty, Earl? Wow. He said he spent his time on other things, and that “you can’t do everything all the time”, or words to that effect.

This made me feel a lot better, and relieved in a way. I have a wife & family now, and more responsibilities (including being self-employed) than I used to when I was young and played 3 hours a night. I mean, if the great Earl Klugh can accept that he’s not a great sight-reader, surely it shouldn’t bother me? 

I know I need to be more structured with my practice, but I guess I really don’t have much to worry about, at the end of the day. I’ve actually just been enjoying time away from the guitar a little over these last 2 weeks, as I have a short break from both teaching and study. i consider myself lucky that I get to spend most of my holidays with my family, as they are also on a break at the same time of the year.

So – taking time to smell the roses is a cliche that gets used often, but it’s ringing true for me lately.



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