This year I will be entering “15 Minutes of Fame” which is run as a part of the Adelaide Guitar Festival (July 17-20). If successful – I will get to perform a 15 minute set at the “Fox Creek” bar, inside the Space Theatre foyer. 

A fellow guitarist suggested that I enter it a few years back, but I was flat out with TAFE study at the time, and hence was under-practiced! I haven’t entered anything like this before, and any exposure I’ve had has only been at gigs. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get myself out there, and be seen by a new type of audience, instead of the usual cafe & pub patrons (whom I am grateful to, by the way!)

I have around 2-3 weeks to get up to speed, prepare, practice my butt off, and all the other cliches. I haven’t decided which songs to submit yet (the application must include 3x MP3s and a 2 minute youtube video.

So, I’m going to blog and hopefully “vlog” my progress, ideas, practice & thoughts for the next month or so, and let you know how I’m going. 

My next blog should include a video, all going to plan!

Cheers for now