Facebook (again!)

July 22, 2013

Hi guys – firstly, thanks and hi to those people following my blog. I’m pretty new to WordPress and its nice to have some new friends on here.
Well I decided to to back to good old Facebook afterall.
I realised that I have made some good music industry contacts over the last few years and it is good to hang on to them.
I also enjoy the interaction with others, even though its a time waster at times. One thing I did (which Adam Rafferty also did while on a digital break) was to be choosy as to who he ‘friends’ now. I had a lot of friends who I’d never met! Some are musicians from the USA, and I like to follow their activity on social media outlets, so that makes sense to me.
This time around though I now seem to have halved my friend list, which will hopefully halve the time I spend on there!
I’m also back to work this week, guitar teaching, rehearsals and study, so life is going to be crazy again for the next 10 weeks.
I hope you all have a great week.


My Facebook situation

July 19, 2013

Yesterday I attempted to switch my Facebook personal account over to my Band page, to hopefully make things simpler, and spend less time online.

In the process, I mis-read one of the procedures, and tried to create a new Band page accidentally (the info wasn’t clear at all). I am now unable to log in to either account, except if on my iPhone, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

The thing is – I’m wondering now if maybe I am better off without my Facebook account. It has become a huge distraction for me. The ridiculous fact here is that my actual friends (whom I see in person semi-regularly) don’t use Facebook much at all, and I seem to have a lot of Facebook interaction with onlineĀ friends, who I don’t actually encounter much in person!

On the flip side – I have made some good music contacts over the last few years, and sometimes the only way we contact each other is through Facebook, rarely via text, or a phone call.

So now I’m going to see how long I can last without having access to the social media giant! Even if I do crumble and want to become part of that world again, I’ll have to create a new ‘me’, and request my friends all over all again, including creating my band page, which was really the page I spent more time on. I have heard that this can also be tricky, as trying to establish a ‘new’ identity with the same name, birthday, hometown etc does sound a little odd I guess (from Facebook’s point of view). In some cases they won’t allow it, or they freeze your account for a period of time. That is the stuff right there that, as a 44 year old man, I find myself thinking “@#$% that!!”.

Ah, Adam Rafferty you may be on to something in your recent blog – maybe this digital diet is the way to go!

Time will tell. I have made some good connections through Facebook, again, mostly work {music} related, so I have this feeling that I may be missing out on something if I’m not part of that world.

It seems weird, but is it how things are now?

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